Happy Mother's Day

Originally published 05/12/2019

transracial adoptive mom and son

transracial adoptive mom and son

Happy Mother’s Day and thank you to all the mamas, grandmas, aunts, and friends who’ve bought a WLL doll for a child they love!💗

​All I wanted for Mother’s Day were some photos with my baby. The older he gets the more rare it seems that we capture moments together. Yesterday my husband and son were kind enough to oblige. These iPhone photos may be a bit grainy and out of focus but they are so very precious to me.

It took me seven years to become a mother, a journey which broke and rebuilt my heart many times over. Mother’s Day during those years was a day of immense grief and pain. And even now I can feel the ghost of that pain, remember the moments of gut wrenching despair. My heart aches for anyone that has gone through that or is currently walking that road. I see you, I love you.

Six years of motherhood has taught me some hard, deep truths. It’s not the fairytale society tries to make us believe. It’s raw. It’s heartbreaking. It’s character building. It’s pure exhaustion. It’s immense joy. It’s bittersweet. It’s anxious. It’s magic.

As a transracial adoptive mom raising a son of color in a racist world, I feel a strong pressure to raise my son right. To honor his black, indigenous, Mexican heritage. To raise him to know the realities of the world he’ll be living in. So that he can stay safe and grow and thrive and survive. I started WLL to honor my son. To make beautiful dolls of color in the hopes that the world will transfer the love of my dolls to the love of people of color. It’s one of the ways that I want to contribute to making the world a better and safer place for my son. Because that’s what all children deserve - a safe and inclusive world❤️

transracial adoptive mom and son


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