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Originally published 05/19/2019

It's been a crazy few weeks and an even crazier 48hrs with over 1,300 new Instagram followers joining the league! I've been busy adding new items to the shop and changing things up a bit. A new doll has joined the Wildflower Liberty League! Her name is Stella and she has albinism. I've also added a bunch of custom doll options ranging from felt shoes, doll glasses, animal babies, mini wrap babies, 14" dolls, and now even 17" yarn-haired dolls (see the custom cuties below that I made for Elsie Larson's daughter, Nova)! This means you have 13 skin tones, 11 fleece hair shades, and 41 felt colors to choose from and to customize to your heart's content. And to top it all off, you now have the option to purchase a bare doll and put together your own outfit from the shop!
I've also been busy searching for seamstresses to help with the doll making and outfit sewing, and I'm happy to announce that I have found three amazing women that I think will be a wonderful addition to the WLL team. It's so exciting to be finally building a team because now we'll be able to expand the range of dolls and outfits offered while maintaining our high quality standards. I have so many ideas for the coming months and it's exciting to finally have the help to make them come to life!

handmade albino dolls with albinism

I also want to say hello and thank you again to all the new followers and customers who found WLL through Elsie's post! I'm so happy you're here and I appreciate all your kind messages and comments about WLL and the message of inclusivity. Take a look around the WLL shop and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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