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Originally published 1/17/2017

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Xavi's room took us waaaay too long to put together, mostly due to exhaustion from our move from Minnesota to Colorado. It wasn't until this past July that we finally fully decorated it and put it together. Up until that point he was living in the toddler equivalent of a dorm room- bare walls, random storage, clothes in piles, plain mattress on the floor, etc. Parent fail. 

Once we found the time to tackle his space, I sketched out a few different room layouts and once the layout was chosen, I focused primarily on his gallery wall. Most of the items in the above photo were pieces I had collected while on thrifting adventures the few years before Xavi was born. In the back of my mind, with my constant wish to become a mom, I knew that these pieces would look wonderful in a child's bedroom. And I'm glad that I was right!

Before hanging the gallery wall, I first hung the tassel banner (I had made it for Xavi's first birthday) to act as a border, and then laid out the gallery pieces in various patterns on the floor. I've learned over the years to always lay out your pictures first before making unnecessary nail holes in the wall. 

Xavi's rug was the original focal piece for his nursery. I had bought it online a few days after he was born, and after we knew for sure that his adoption was going to go through. Over three years of heavy use later and I'm still in love with it's design and vibrant colors. The vintage swivel rocker in the below photo, I had bought over a year before Xavi was born. I found it while trolling on craigslist. Again in the back of my mind, I knew it would be perfect for a nursery. It set the color scheme for his room- olive, aqua, and royal. 

Xavi's iconic tent bed. I basically came up with a design for a bed that I would've loved as a kid. I first designed the ikea hack in January 2015, and still get comments and questions on the original instagram post and occasionally see it pop up in my pinterest feed. Xavi's bed was also featured in Nido magazine's February 2016 issue. It's always fun when other people enjoy your ideas. It wasn't till last winter that he was ready to transition to a big kid bed, but I'm happy to say that he still loves this bed and now likes to close the tent flaps when he sleeps. Even my husband and I like to read and sing to him at bedtime in there. It's so cozy with its fort/tent feel. 

Rug and bear pillow: Beci Orpin for Urban Outfitters (try ebay)
Ikea bed hack: Kura reversible bed found on craigslist but still available at Ikea
Tent for bed: Canvas drop cloths, bought at home depot
Vintage swivel rocker and ottoman: found on craigslist
Vintage accordion wall lamp: ebay
Edison lightbulb: home depot
White cube shelving unit and baskets: Ikea
​Bilingual books in wire wall baskets: Lil' Libros
Wire wall baskets: Target
Pink pom pillow: Land of Nod
Army green bed blanket: Land of Nod
Fox ears and tail: Opposite of Far
Girl doll and boy bunny: Lilou and Bobby, Wildflower Liberty League
Three little buddies in basket: handmade from Gingermelon patterns
Raccoon in basket: Max Raccoon, Hazel Village
Tall fox on right: Henry the Fox, Walnut Animal Society

Let me know if you have any other questions about the bed hack or items in Xavi's room in the comments section and I'll do my best to answer them!


Photos by Rebecca Caridad, Manzanita  for Mother Magazine

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