A Forgotten Sweater

Originally published 1/24/2019

handmade black doll

Making teeny-tiny doll outfits is supremely satisfying to me. I think it fulfills the side of me that is a boy mom and won't ever have a daughter to dress. Which is also why I love having Wildflower Liberty League as an outlet to express my repressed girly side. Give me all the pink (in moderation), bows, pintucks, and frills!

I recently relocated and reorganized my work space from our living room to upstairs loft. During the move I rediscovered so many forgotten fabrics, including remnants of old clothing that I had stashed away in the hopes of repurposing. Among the pile was this beautiful vintage fair isle sweater my mother in law had given to me years ago. I had always adored the pattern but the fit was no good for me. Five years ago, I even used part of the sweater to make a cozy hot water bottle cover for when I lived in Minnesota and had to survive the long freezing cold winter nights. I still had a large chunk of the sweater leftover and when I stumbled upon it in my work space move, I started imagining an adorable winter doll outfit. 

Once I solidified the knit doll outfit, it felt like the perfect time for another Wildflower Liberty League instagram fundraiser. Ayita's limited edition outfit includes a fair isle pom hat, fair isle cardigan, scarf with poms, knee socks, and gold boots. As with all doll purchases, 10% of the amount raised in the fundraiser will be donated to the Radical Monarchs.

handmade black doll

See you tomorrow morning Friday, January 25th on instagram @wildflowerlibertyleague at 9am mountain standard time.
​The fundraiser will end on Saturday, January 26th at 9 pm mst. 


P.S. your amazing support is the reason WLL has been able to donate a total of $969.46 to children charities. When you bid on special limited edition dolls or buy a classic doll from our shop you are making a difference. To read more about where we donate and why, click here

donations to children's charities

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